Product and Service Overview

The breadth and depth of product lines in the Inenco Group of businesses meets most customer operational needs, through a combination of a large portfolio of world leading OEM products and our own custom designed and assembled engineering solutions. Our sales and service people are trained and backed by highly experienced engineers to deliver the best-option solution for our customers – priced competitively to deliver high customer value.

To support our product solutions, Inenco Group businesses also provide specialised services such as infrared thermography, oil analysis and predictive maintenance.

Collectively Inenco Group businesses represent eleven core product and service groups, sixty tier two groupings with extensive lines and ancillary products – equating to a customer offering that is unmatched in the market.


Level 1 Product  Groups Level 2 Product Groups
BEARINGS General, Ball, Cylindrical Roller, Taper, Needle, Spherical, Bearing Housing, Automotive, Linear Motion, Shaft, Bushes
POWER TRANSMISSION Chain, pulleys, sprockets, taper lock bushes, coupling
SEALING Rotary Shaft, V-Ring Seal, Gaskets, Hydraulic, O-Ring, Mechanical Seal, Raw Material
BELTING Vee, Wedge, and Adjustable, Automotive, Timing
DRIVES & MOTORS Gearbox, AC Motors, Clutches, Brakes, etc.
FASTENERS Screws, bolts and nuts, threaded rod, allthread, plastic, circlips, washers, springs, assortment kits
DRIVELINES Components, agricultural, driveshaft
FLUID POWER Filtration, hose, tube, hydraulic, fittings
TOOLS & MAINTENANCE Abrasives and cutting tools, adhesives, sealants, lubricants, air tools and fittings, hand tools, maintenance and lubrication, oils and greases, power, cutting and machine tools, welding brazing, soldering, general engineering / hardware, storage and material handling
LIFTING & SAFETY Lifting, safety
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