Charting the Course

Charting the Course

Our Industrial Solutions businesses, BSC, CBC & WebstersBSC, held a Branch Manager’s Summit on the Gold Coast during August to a resounding success.

Attended by 100 staff members from across Australia, the summit theme was ‘Charting the Course’. Participants enjoyed a hands-on experience with groups of nine rotating around ten workshops throughout the two days. In addition to the workshops, several plenary sessions were conducted to update attendees on business performance, strategy and developments in training and engineering.

Of course it wasn’t all work. Delegates took the opportunity to network with colleagues and suppliers, many meeting face to face for the first time. The group also enjoyed an evening at a local golf driving range, where teams were pitched against each other & the competition was friendly but fierce!

Feedback from our people is important and we were pleased that a survey conducted after the summit indicated a 97% approval rating for the overall conference.

Staff who did not attend the summit have been able to participate in online workshops & view videos of the plenary sessions. The Summit continues to generate great team conversations on how we can continue to improve business and effectively manage team performance, leadership and development.