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We are delighted to inform you of an important change to the ownership of Inenco Group.

In March 2017 our founding shareholders, the Martin-Weber family, found themselves in the position of considering how to realise the opportunities of a globalised marketplace. They formed a strategic partnership with Genuine Parts Company (GPC) through the sale of a 35% shareholding.

This strategic partnership has now evolved to a complete acquisition by GPC, who will become the sole shareholder of Inenco Group, effective July 1, 2019. 

This is an exciting ownership change that will benefit all the businesses within Inenco Group, our customers and our employees.

We thank the Martin-Weber Family for their insightfulness in positioning Inenco for success now and into the future through championing this partnership with GPC. For over sixty years the Martin-Weber family provided ongoing management, investment and guidance to Inenco. They built a market leading group of companies with great brands, loyal and engaged employees, and highly valued customers and suppliers. Our success will continue with the solid foundations they have laid.

Inenco and GPC have a shared long-term vision for the Group’s businesses and have a commitment to ensure a strong and stable business focused on growth. With our values aligned we will continue to invest in people, remain customer centric and build strong relationships with all our stakeholders.

GPC is a respected and successful global organisation and we are proud to be part of the GPC family.

BSC Employees

Huge family support, without this I would not be able to spend the amount of time or dedication needed to achieve the results. Team support. Awesome team environment to work in!”

“My ability to do my job without supervision and get the task done correctly and efficiently within the guidelines and procedures enable the rest of the team to complete their tasks.”

“Direction enables me to be engaged and effective in my work.”

CBC Employees

I have a lot of experience and good autonomy to operate in my CBC Division. I feel a lot of ownership towards the CBC business and consider it an integral part of my life. I have very good people working for me that I have developed into their roles and I have a lot of confidence in them. I feel CBC offers security for its employees including myself and is financially managed well.”

“I would say I concentrate efforts on working to effectively meet customer expectations. This is the essence of CBC business, essential to the business survival and growth.”

“One team, engaging and working together to ensure we all work productively. Support from managers and learning.”

“The trust that my managers have in me and the work I produce, enables me to do my job the best I can, allowing me to manage my own work, doing things the way I want to do it. The outcome is work is produced to a level that exceeds expectations.”

Hardy Spicer Employees

“Hardy Spicer is a great place to work. There is no undue pressure put on you, which in turn means you get the job done in a more efficient manner. I don’t have the feeling that I hate coming to work. I can come in and do my job and then go home without worrying about it. This culture means that you just come in and get the job done.”

“My only comment is that I love what I do and contribute to this company as I have been doing for the last 41 years.”

Inenco Employees

The ability to learn and be creative as part of an encouraging group environment.”

“Doing something I enjoy and which draws directly on the skill-set I’ve built up over many years, being given the autonomy to plan and execute ideas, having my professional opinion and experience respected and acknowledged by my supervisor and team members.”

SAECOWilson Employees

My manager and my team members, we are like a family, striving towards the same goal and helping each other out in getting there.”

“The people I work with. I enjoy watching the young ones learn and progress within the company and knowing that I have helped them on their way in some way.”

Seal Innovations Employees

My feeling that I belong to a really good company and the drive and focus I have to improve and do my job to the best of my ability.”

“Overall I have a great team, especially with in our branch. I enjoy working with them and we all strive to improve.”

SIL Employees

I have all the tools and knowledge I need to be effective in my current work.”

“I have a very knowledgeable team working with me who are always there to help out.”

“Love of the work that I do and the ability to learn new things.”

“I enjoy working for Seal Imports and I like the family environment and the culture of the company. I also appreciate the training and support the company has offered me personally.”